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Friday, August 31, 2012

When I Saw You; A New Film by Palestinian Filmmaker Annemarie Jacir

The Director’s Statement:

“Since I have not been able to return to Ramallah, my understanding of exile and of being torn from one’s home has taken on more dimensions and deeper meanings. Being so close by living in Amman has not made it easier – only more difficult, more painful. A short drive and I can see Palestine from here. Over the valley I see the hills, even recognize cities. My friends, my family, my apartment in Ramallah is there – but I can no longer reach it. Palestine is becoming a memory and I struggle to hold the visuals, the reality of my life there, as close to me as I can. This is how When I Saw You was born. The striking visual knowledge of being so close to home and yet it being an impossible dream. The reality of seeing what you want but being unable to reach it. This film is about the depth of that landscape, the beauty of the desert and its cruelty. It’s also about how humor and hope keeps us alive.”

More information:

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