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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mérida Fellowship Award- Mexico

Day of the Revolution. Izamal, Mexico by Janet Jarman

More than 25 years ago, in the middle of quintessential Amish country, I took a 4-week summer course at Shippensburg University on Latin American Literature and Politics.   This experience truly added to my knowledge-base of what it meant to be member of the Americas .  I discovered Carlos Fuentes, Ernesto Cardenal, Jorge Amado, Julia de Burgos  and many other American writers as well as great films from Argentina ,Brazil, Nicaragua  and Cuba to name a few.  Our class visited New York and ate at a Cuban restaurant which was run by Chinese-Cubans. How so connected we are.  I discovered the artwork of Wifredo Lam.  Simply transforming…
I share of this by way of introduction to sharing the following:
Mérida Fellowship Award- Mexico
Kimiko Hahn will judge the USPiM 2013 Mérida Fellowship Award.
Currently, this award is only open to  American poets. Each year they accept Mexican poets through their Mexico Awards program. You need not be American to participate in our conference. Most workshops are conducted in English, except for the translation workshop which is conducted in English and Spanish. Evening readings are in English, Spanish and indigenous languages.
The Mérida Fellowship Award covers Conference fee ($600) and 7 nights lodging at Hotel Caribe in Merida for the week (total value approx. $1,020).  Please submit no more than 6 pages, 12pt Times New Roman type (do not put your name on poem pages), along with the entry Application and the $25 entry fee by check payable to U.S. Poets in Mexico,. Mail to USPiM, P.O .Box 4150, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163.  Entries must be received by August 31st, 2012. The recipient will be announced September 30, 2012. The Fellowship recipient will give a featured half-hour reading. Application click: 
Here’s a link to the obit of one of my favorites voices of Mexico- Carlos Fuentes.


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