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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday Art Talk- Margaret Bowland

Flower Girl by Margaret Bowland ; below -Amazing Grace

Artist Margaret Bowland
Artist Statement
   "...We inhabit a purely relative world, in terms of belief structures, yet each of us knows and in a sense, believes in, the need to be beautiful. My work is about beauty—what it means to be beautiful and what significance the idea has in the twenty-first century in the world of art. We all know that being beautiful is as important as being rich, that being beautiful is itself a form of wealth. One must be tall, thin and white. One’s features must be diminutive and regular. We recognize deviations from this norm, but recognize that these deviations, even if appealing, are far from ideal. The need to be beautiful fuels one of the largest and most ruthless industries in our world.
Beauty makes sense to me, has weight for me, only when it falls from grace. It starts to matter when it carries damage. Sorrow allows it to cast a shadow. It becomes three-dimensional. It enters our world..." 
Give a listen to Ms. Bowland as she shares more on what drives her as an artist.   

Here is a link to James Baldwin's essay "On Being White and Other Lies"

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