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Monday, November 12, 2012

A Song for My Son

Artwork by Karen Morrison- Discover more of her amazing work at http://nsmorrart.com/

One of the supreme benefits of having a friend as a poet combined with a spectacular history of shared adventures is that these two circumstances may meet to bloom into a special poem. And it did in my case.

Poet Furaha Youngblood, author of Cat-Eyed Woman  From Louisiana-now ain’t that a title- a poetry collection  chronicling her experiences in West Africa, North Africa,  Central American and here at home, wrote a poem to mark my son’s thirteenth birthday.  How grand is this?  Furaha and I lived in Cote d’Ivoire for a number of years and shared many specials moments. Since both of our departures from CI and her continued globetrotting, we continue our annual reunions each summer.

How touched I was when she presented the gift of this poem for my son. Happy Birthday Auguste!

A Poem for Auguste
By Furaha Youngblood

Hanging upside down in the giant tree that overshadows the house where you live, your knees bend to the limb’s curve, holding you perfectly balanced between two worlds.

Boy qualities, stolen long ago from ‘at-risk’ youngsters, shine from your bright eyes, ready to follow a bird’s flight, or the dancing notes on the pages of your violin lessons.

As I watch you negotiate the magic contours of your grandparents’ big backyard, testing the boundaries between outer dangers, and your mother’s love and sister’s trust, I silently applaud your bravery and innocence.

You are prepared to cross the threshold taking you from childhood; all who love you, stand to greet you and witness the unfolding of your name—majestic, inspiring awe, reverence—our shining prince.

Here is a link to a radio interview with Furaha.  It starts about 83:10 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wandas-picks/2011/08/29/hurricane-katrina-report-back-and-update-wan-eye-on-irene

 Artwork by Karen Morrison Discover more of her amazing work at http://nsmorrart.com/

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