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Monday, July 9, 2012

Scribe Presents CABRALISTA This Friday 7/13 | Filmmaker in person -Philadelphia

Joel Bergner painting the revolutionary hero Amilcar Cabral on the anniversary of his assassination in Cape Verde.

Scribe Video Center Presents:
Screening of Cabralista with Director Valerio Lopes in person!
Friday, July 13, 7PM at Scribe Video Center, 4212 Chestnut St., 3rd Fl. Philadelphia, PA
Admission $5/ FREE for Reelblack Season 9 members. 

On Friday July 13, 7PM, Scribe Video Center presents as part of its Storyville programming, the documentary Cabralista(2011, 52 min, French/Portuguese/Criol w/English subtitles) with director Valerio Lopes in person.  Shot in Cape Verde, Portugal, Libya, Kenya, Guinea and Luxembourg, this is the first episode in an ambitious documentary trilogy inspired by the work of political activist Amilcar Cabral.   In this feature-length documentary, Cabral's theories, life and work are considered and analyzed by young African students and intellectuals, as they seek alternative solutions to present-day cultural and social issues. The original music by filmmaker/musician Lopes creates a captivating mood and sets the tone for a very compelling climax.
Amilcar Cabral, a Guinea-Bissauan and Cape Verdean nationalist thinker and politician, led the nationalist movement of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde Islands and the ensuing war of independence in Guinea-Bissau.  The event is presented in partnership with Reelblack Inc.  Friday July 13, 7PM, at Scribe Video Center, 4212 Chestnut St, 3rd Fl, Philadelphia, PA. $5, free for Scribe and Reelblack members.

About Director Valerio Lopes
Composer, storyteller, director and activist Valerio (Val) Lopes was born 1977 in Luxembourg from Cape-Verdean parents.  He has been mixing music and video as a form of artistic expression since the early nineties. During the last few years he traveled all around the world, mainly in the Cape-Verdean community, where he had the opportunity to discover all the facets of this country of mixed origins with a strong diaspora.

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