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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

African Films To Be Shown at the Philadelphia African-American Museum

One of the most exiting events in West Africa happens every two years in Burkina Faso.  It’s FESPACO ; the preeminent PanAfrican Film Festival.  People locally and around world have been making and continue to make quality, relevant and life-affirming films.  As I was sharing with a friend, we don’t have to limit ourselves to what is presented in mainstream movie theaters.  Branch out, attend film festivals, and  actively  learn that there are other voices in this world other than “Hollywood’s”.

I’m thrilled that the Philadelphia African-American Museum will host the showing of several African produced films. Here is a link to learn the details:

Below is a link to photographs by Andrea Frazzeta of the 2011 FESPACO.   This is an international event, but I like how she shows in these shots the local angle and involvement of everyday folk. Enjoy and go in 2013.

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