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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Support Film Project: The Undocumented by Filmmaker Marco Williams

This skull, part of the remains of a 26 year-old migrant woman,
was found in a remote stretch of Arizona's Sonora desert.

...though you are brave
a believer in dragons and dinosaurs
and their messy intrigues
I will spare you
the whole truth of her journey to you…
                                           from Where My Birthmark Dances
                                                                By Octavia McBride-Ahebee
above photos are of shoes found in the Arizona desert; shoes of migrants who have died in the desert.   Deborah McCullough is an artist who uses objects left behind by dead migrants, many who remain unknown, to remind us of the human cost to aspire, of “the vastness of desire.”  There is also a photo of  a bible and a cross made by a migrant out of aluminum foil as a last bid for mercy. 
Thousands of people ride the oceans’ waves, cross deserts, crawl through tunnels and scale fences in search of what we want; “ to eat, to laugh, to grow into ideas.”  As a society, we have failed to respect them, to extend protections and to promote foreign policies that would negate them from leaving their home countries in the first place.
I am a major devotee of the work of independent filmmaker Marco Williams. His body of films include In Search of Our Fathers, Inside the New Black Panthers, I Sit Where I Want; The Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education and  Freedom Summer to name a few.  He is now working to complete his documentary called The Undocumented.   Here is a link to the trailer.
Mr. Williams needs our support to help him complete this project.  Kickstarter, the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world, allows us-the every person-to fund projects we believe in.  Kickstarter allows artists to deliver a truth not diluted and distorted by corporate and political dollars.  Here’s the link to Marco Williams discussing the importance of The Undocumented:
Here is the link to Kickstarter and your way to lend support to this project.

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