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Friday, October 7, 2011

Derrick Bell- A Life of Ethical Ambition

During a recent interview, I discussed at length and with great passion the lasting influence of a great teacher. As a teacher myself, I never tire of hearing stories from other people about their encounters with phenomenal educators.  My friend and wonderful playwright, Mona R. Washington, always shared her love and respect for her law professor Derrick Bell, who died yesterday.  He was Harvard Law School's first tenured African-American law professor. Though many of us may only know Professor Bell through his seminal work on racism in the United States and his brave activism, I had the privilege of listening to Ms. Washington, who had maintained her relationship with Prof. Bell over the years, praise his insight, his brilliance and his generosity.

Here is a link in honor of this great mind and soulful activist.

Here's Al Green singing A Change's Gonna Come

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