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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Raising Lilly Ledbetter; Women Poets Occupy the Workplace

I finally received my contributor's copy of Raising Lilly Ledbetter; Women Poets Occupy the Workplace. Wonderful blurb by Carolyn Forché . Almost 200 women poets "bear witness to women's workplace lives and act to re-envision and refigure the world of work for women..."
My poem highlights the plight of international sex workers. Other poets include Rita Dove, Nikky Finney, Denise Duhamel, Natasha Trethwey, Ellen Bass, Daisy Fried and so many others- almost 200!!!!
Bravo to the editors Carolyne Wright, M.L. Lyons and Eugenia Toledo and the publisher Lost Horse Press.

“This remarkable anthology, gathered in tribute to Lilly Ledbetter with a toast to Carolyn Kizer, gathers the lyric art of working women, writing from the depths of at least sixty-two occupations. These are the poems of the heavy-lifters, night-shifters, line and piece workers, writing with grace and often with humor: poets who punch clocks, woman the phones and decks, weave, weld and can, cotton-pick and cold call, thread-spin, typeset and teach. They sex-work, they ship-build, plaster and preach, butcher and drive the bus. This is anthology as page-turner, as fist in the air, as do-it-yourself manual against despair. Here, and in gratitude to Lilly Ledbetter, is the music of a movement, and it is one of the best of our time.”Carolyn Forché  

You may follow this link to order the book:

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