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Sunday, July 13, 2014

British-born Palestinian Rapper Shadia Mansour Sings the Poetry of Mahmoud Darwish

SInger/Rapper Shadia Mansour sings Darwish/ Photo retrieved from The Narcicyst featuring Shadia Mansour "Hamdulillah" Official Music Video

Photo by Eamoon McCabe/Guardian -2008: Palestinians hold a candle-light vigil in Ramallah, to mourn the death of Palestinian poet Mahmud Darwish

On This Earth What Makes Life Worth Living
By Mahmoud Darwish

Translated by Karim Abuawad

On this earth what makes life worth living:

the hesitance of April

the scent of bread at dawn

an amulet made by a woman for men

Aeschylus’s works

the beginnings of love

moss on a stone

the mothers standing on the thinness of a flute

and the fear of invaders of memories.

On this earth what makes life worth living:

September’s end

a lady moving beyond her fortieth year without losing any of her grace

a sun clock in a prison

clouds imitating a flock of creatures

chants of a crowd for those meeting their end smiling

and the fear of tyrants of the songs.

On this earth what makes life worth living:

on this earth stands the mistress of the earth

mother of beginnings

mother of endings

it used to be known as Palestine

it became known as Palestine

my mistress:

I deserve, because you’re my mistress

I deserve life.

* Here is a link to Shadia Mansour singing some of this poem with Darwish reading some of it in Arabic. Riveting !

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