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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Two Manhattan Galleries Featured the Work of Jean-Michel Basquiat

By Jean-Michel Basquiat

Octavia enjoying the galleries of New York.
I was in New York two weeks ago celebrating with Sojourner and the other National Student Poets and the hundreds of wonderful young artists whose phenomenal talents were acknowledged with Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards. I will share more about this later.

Of course being in New York I hit the galleries. I am a hardcore Jean-Michel Basquiat fan and two galleries in Manhattan were featuring his work. Both spaces are intimate and inviting. I went with Mona R. Washington and at both galleries it was just us and a lone gallery staff member. Like always, Mona likes to engage the security guards who are the true caretakers, too, of arts of work and she always walks away with some unexpected insights.
By Jean-Michel Basquiat 

1. Acquavella Galleries :
2. Nahmad Contemporary:

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