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Fiction by Norwegian Women

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Birthday June Jordan !

* Photo- June Jordan, Alice Walker, Lucille Clifton, Audre Lorde At Phillis Wheatley Poetry Fest, 1979
from “Buffalo Yoga” in Buffalo Yoga
by Charles Wright

...A poem is read by the poet, who then becomes
That poem himself
For a little while,
caught in its glistening tentacles.
The waters of deep remembering
Wash over him, clouds build up
As do the shadowy pools
under the evergreens.
Later, the winds of forgetfulness
Blow in from a thousand miles away
And the poet starts to write.
This is the way the day moves,
and the sparks from its wheels.

1 comment:

  1. Yes. But the photo recalls so much of what the winds might remove! In 1979, Audre had just a little more time. And so on. Happy Birthday, indeed.