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Fiction by Norwegian Women

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Help Fund A Full-Length Documentary about the Tiberino Clan; Philadelphia’s First Family of Art

Painter Joe Tiberino

The Tiberino Dynasty

Older Photo of Tiberino Family
The Tiberino Family is indeed a longstanding UNIQUE Philadelphia gem.  Discover for yourself how they have been the epic center of a local and worldly artistic community and support their campaign.  Click the link below to learn more.

Monday, October 29, 2012

This Land Is Our Land

Flag and Map by Jasper Johns

I know we have been bombarded with all kinds of political commentary, especially concerning this upcoming presidential election.  But here is a link to a very thoughtful essay about where we are headed as a nation if Romney and the interests he represents prevail. This is not a pro-Obama piece.  It’s about us; ALL of us.  

The One Percent Will Eat The Poor and Other Prophecies
by Hal Crowther

Festival of Films From the Middle East

Asghar Farhadi's thrilling domestic drama from Iran offers acute insights into human motivations and behavior as well as a compelling look at what goes on behind a particular curtain that almost never gets raised. -Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times Film Critic/ This film won the 2012 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film

The Cinema Studies Program, the Jewish Studies Program, the Middle East Center, and the Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations Department at the University of Pennsylvania, in collaboration with the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival, present the 2012 edition of New Middle East Cinema.

This four-day festival has been curated by Blake Atwood (Penn, NELC), Mehmet Darakcıoglu (Penn, MEC), Iris Drechsler (PJFF), Nicola M. Gentili (Penn, CINE) and Nili Gold (Penn, NELC), and aims to further the understanding of current Middle Eastern societies and cultures through cinema.

Recently released feature films, which represent a number of countries in the region, have been selected as the best to be presented and discussed on the Philadelphia screen.

This  festival is free-admission and open to all!

* Source- Penn Arts & Sciences Cinema Studies

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Always Speaking Truth to Power-Senator George McGovern

Rest in peace, dear senator !    July19, 1922-October 21, 2012

* Senator George McGovern on a jeep ride with Fidel Castro during a visit to Cuba in 1975.  Credit: Charles Tasnadi/ Associated Press

Monday, October 8, 2012

Why Not Risk Everything ?

Picasso; Need We Say More ?
Thank you, Keith Flynn.

"Painting is an instrument of war.
I want to create mountains of paintings,
enough to reach the moon, to express
what no one possesses, to hear the ageless
river throb..."
"Painting is praying, and while the street preachers
rub their Bibles and pull their hair,
denouncing all sinners, the places we paint
become churches. Why not risk everything?"

from: The Painter as Mantis Sings the Blues---Keith Flynn
(The Lost Sea, 2000. Iris Press)

* To learn more about Keith Flynn, visit his website:

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Philadelphia Writers Welcome Aliki Barnstone and Richard Wertime

Poet and Apiary Magazine Editor Tamara Oakman, 2nd from the left, introduces 
guests of honor  Aliki Barnstone and Richard Wertime

Poet and Translator Aliki Barnstone reads from one of her poetry
collections. Dr. Richard Wertime is 2nd from the left.

Playwright Mona R. Washington and Poets Octavia McBride-Ahebee
and Mel Blake

Poet Mel Blake calls us The Family; our group of local writers who periodically come together to celebrate the writing life and to extend to visiting writers to the Philadelphia area our singular Philly welcome.  This past Tuesday poets and literary journal editors Tamara Oakman, of Apiary Magazine and Courtney Bambrick, of Philadelphia Stories, hosted in my home The Family and guests of honor Aliki Barnstone and Richard A. Wertime. 

Aliki Barnstone-poet, translator, critic, and editor-is also a professor at the University of Missouri.  Here’s a link to learn more about her work:    Richard A. Wertime is a professor and Director of Graduate Studies in English and the Humanities at Arcadia University. Here’s a link to learn more about Dr. Wertime :

 A huge shout-out to poets Monique Gordon, Dr. Anne Kaier, Paul Siegell , Peter Baroth , Leslie Burnette , Kathy Volk Miller,  collagist Theodore Harris, playwright Mona R. Washington, theatre artist Anthony Kamani,  Adonaya Boyd and a host of other folks who made this evening of  poetry and yummy food so delightful.

Also, a riotous bravo to Family member and Apiary editor Lillian Dunn, who was recently awarded a Leeway Foundation Grant to fund her project Common Ground.  Click here to learn more:

*Photos- Monique Gordon


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Let's Get a Room of Our Own !

Virginia Woolf  by Danielle Fraser

Give a Listen to “Pull the Lever” by Lauren Baldwin-    and then prepare to apply for A Room of Her Own Foundation’s $50,000 Gift of Freedom Award.  Deadline November 1, 2012.  Let’s Go!  This award is for U.S. women writers.