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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Philadelphia Art Museum Will Feature the Work of Barbara Chase-Riboud

Barbara Chase-Riboud- Photo by Erica Freudenstein

Barbara Chase-Riboud- Sculptor – Author-Historian-

I just learned from my Philadelphia High School for Girls Alumni newsletter that in the Spring/ Summer of 2013, the Philadelphia Museum of Art will gather and display more than 40 art works by our world-renowned alumna- Barbara Chase-Riboud.

 The exhibit will focus on Ms. Chase-Riboud's career in art. The special show will feature her Malcolm X sculptures but will also have examples of her works in other art media. In addition to being a brilliant and creative artist, Ms. Chase-Riboud has gained great fame as a writer of historical novels.

Here is a link to an older, short documentary about Chase-Riboud:

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